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The S.A.L.T. Programme

Discover how your children can easily and effortlessly learn practical negotiation skills that
are guaranteed to help them automatically resolve the conflict situations they experience each day.

Read on to find out more about 5 proven strategies that will create a more harmonious school environment in 90 days or less...... or your money back.

Conflict is a part of life - or is it?

How do we teach our children to handle conflict in a more positive way? How can we provide them with the essential life skills they will need to deal with conflict in their everyday lives, as children, as adolescents and as adults in the 21st century?

The S.A.L.T. Programme was featured in the Health Supplement in the ‘Irish Times' on June 16th, 2009. To read the article, please click on the link below:

Irish Produced Programme:

The S.A.L.T. Programme is an innovative programme, specially developed for the Irish Curriculum and is aligned to the key strands of the SPHE (Primary) Programme: Myself, Myself and Others, Relating to Others,Myself and the World. Through The S.A.L.T. Programme, children will learn what conflict is, what it feels like to be in conflict and how to negotiate effectively to create a better outcome for themselves and others. The programme focuses on building each child’s capacity to develop and access their own skills set when dealing with difficult and sometimes emotional situations.

The S.A.L.T. Programme consists of:

All items are stored in a sturdy box.

Fiona McAuslan

Fiona McAuslan is a recognised conflict resolution expert, working for many organisations such as the Family Mediation Service and the Clanwilliam Institute in Ireland. She has an M.A. in Conflict Resolution from University College, Dublin and has partnered with Drumcondra Education Centre to create conflict resolution skills training for the Irish Education System.

Five proven strategies that will create a more peaceful, harmonious school environment in 90 days or less:

The S.A.L.T. Programme will provide you and your colleagues with:

  1. Practical and easy to introduce appropriate conflict resolution skills for all the children in your school, regardless of age or background.
  2. The framework for introducing a whole-school programme to minimise arguments and rows in the school yard and classroom.
  3. Conflict Assessment Forms to record incidents of conflict, assess your children's involvement and identify appropriate follow-on actions.
  4. Step-by-step lessons and colourful, interactive, teaching ideas so that your children can handle and resolve their own rows and disputes independently.
  5. Interactive and lively conflict stories to enhance your children's understanding of the reasons for conflict and give them an accessible route into talking about conflict and exploring its resolution.

The S.A.L.T. Programme is highly structured, easy to use and is an invaluable resource for Teachers of four to twelve year olds, Psychologists, Parents and for all Professionals working with families.

Don't just take our word for it: the testimonials below make for compelling reading.

Quotes from teachers and parents whose children have followed the S.A.L.T. Programme:

"Helping our children find a better way of handling conflict has to be a great idea. Probably "Helping our children find a better way of handling conflict has to be a great idea. Probably one of the most important things our schools should be doing."

"The programme gives our kids a real chance at not being afraid of conflict."

Quotes from children who have followed the S.A.L.T. Programme:

"I use it when I get into fights with my brother and I don't get into fights too often now."

"I'd scream, but now I stop, ask and listen, and it's a lot better."

"When we did the balloon thing I started doing that. I used to kick my sister when she came into my room - now I breathe out ten times. By then my mum has come inand told her to leave my room. I don't get into trouble now."

"I said to my friend, who I was having trouble with, ‘I don't like thinking of a game all the time. Why don't you for once?...... It worked."

"I used to be frightened when other kids shouted at me. I thought, ‘Oh, No! What do I do?' Now I know that I have a choice and I can do something."

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